Thursday, December 17, 2009

Intervals - Too slow to keep up...

Joined the 5:30am group for the normal run this morning. Here is what we did. 1 mile warmup, 5x4-minute intervals(1000m essentially at a 5:45per min pace) 2 minutes of easy jogging in between & a little cool down. The average pace doesn't do this run justice. I was the slowest person in the 4 man pack this morning. 2 of the pack was clocking in 5:30minute paced intervals. Not the best idea to do intervals the morning after doing legs. Also, my leg turnover needs to improve a decent amount to run 5:30minute pace. I ended up averaging a 6:30 pace for the entire run and my recovery jogging was very slow.

Then, this evening I hit the gym for a 1 hour spinning class to loosen my legs up and for cross training purposes. The instructor today was intense for once.

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