Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday recovery

This morning I met the group for a run. Unfortunately, due to my sore calf & stiff right foot I had to backoff a bit. I ended up running the 7 mile course in about 49 mins for a 7 min flat pace. My foot and calf held up fairly well considering that wasn't super slow. Hopefully, this means a quick recovery.

Hit the gym for some back. My chest is very very sore today from yesterday's weight session.


Barbell bent over rows - 4x15
Superset - Hammer strength underhand grip - 4x12, Hammer strength overhand grip - 4x12
Weighted Wide Grip pullups - 4x12
Superset - Low rows close grip - 3x12, Reverse flys - 3x12
Close grip pullups - 4x15


Pike on a stability ball - 4x15
Side plank on a stability ball - 4x75secs

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