Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wow, its December already

Hard to believe its December already. Where has the year went? I feel I've improved my health immensely this year. I feel like a serious runner finally where as I began the year never having ran more than 7 miles. Ideally, I would have a marathon under my belt at this point, but patience is key as continue to build my base.

I joined the 5:30am group this morning for the 7 mile hilly course. The run wasn't slow, but it wasn't too fast either. We ended up with a total time of 48 mins flat for the most part. It was a sub-7 average with a slow initial mile and a 4 minute walk with someone doing intervals. So my time while running was speedy for the most part.

Hit the gym for some back today.


T-Grips - 4x15
Weighted Close Grip pullups - 4x12
Superset - Low rows close grip - 3x12, Wide grip low rows - 3x12
Reverse Flys - 4x12
High Cable Rows - 4x15
Run the rack Dumbbell rows - 5x6 -no rest increasing in weight


Weighted leg raises - 4x15
Side plank on a medicine ball with 10 half-pike twists per hold - 4x75secs
Legs raises - 4x12

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