Monday, November 30, 2009

Back to reality...

Back to work and all of its glory.

No running today after 23 miles this weekend. Hit the gym for some chest work. I still have some very tired legs, but they are getting better.


Barbell Decline bench press - 6x12
Barbell Flat bench press - 4x12
One-armedDumbbell bench press - 4x12
Superset - Dumbbell flys - 4x12, Dumbbell pullovers - 4x15
Superset - One armed Medicine ball pushups - 4x15, Tricep medicine ball pushups - 4x12
Low cable flys - 4x15
Incline Pushups - 4x20


Leg lift - toe touches - 4x15
Planks - 4x75secs

5:30am chilly run in the morning. Hoping my legs have some more "pop" in them than right now.

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