Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to the grind

Too bad holiday weekends aren't longer and more frequent. Ran 7 miles this morning with the group at John's. The Tuesday course is hilly and my legs were burning by mile 2 like I was doing intervals. Still feeling the CDR race I suppose. I decided to backoff a bit and try and run consistent for the remainder of the run. I ended up somewhere around a 7ish per mile pace. Not too bad for 2 days off a 15 mile race. My legs felt like lead at the end of the 7 miles.

Hit the gym in the evening

Chest day is the best day....

Decline barbell bench press - 4x12
Incline barbell bench press - 4x12
Incline bumbell alternating one-handed bench press - 4x24
Dumbbell pullovers - 4x12
Higher cable crossovers - 4x12
Superset Weighted box pushups - 4x12 , One handed medicine ball pushups 4x12

Hanging leg raises - 4x12
Hanging knee-ups - 4x12
Plank - 4x75secs

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