Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Junk Mileage Day

Today, I headed out at 6am from my house for pretty much a junk mileage day. I need some more base miles, but I was too beatup from Tuesday's run to push the pace any. This is one of those runs where you're just happy to be out there. Well, I was cruising along at around a 730ish pace I would guess when it started raining. I really don't mind running in the rain. Actually, once I've warmed up its refreshing to a degree. I would guess at around mile 4 is when it started coming down so my only worry was blistering up from soggy socks. I kept my pace consistent and even ran into one other lone runner out in the rain as well. Normally, I don't run into anyone in my neighborhood out running early so it was a pleasant surprise to know someone else was going through the samething.

I logged 9 miles today so I'm doing well on hitting the mid 40s for mileage this week. My total time was at around 67 mins for the 9 miles. I really need to invest in a garmin, but I keep telling myself that time isn't that important. I should just be able to run on feel.

No weight lifting today although I probably should do something else.

Looking forward to a group run in the morning with some intervals so it should be a decent pace for me. Hoping for no rain as running fast in the rain can be tricky with wet feet and the extra weight from the water.

I need to cement my next race after the Bourbon Chase relay, but I have no idea how beatup I'll be after the relay. There are some great races the following weekend, but I fear I'll be too tired to run hard enough to warrant going to a half-marathon. Thus, I'll probably look for something in early November.

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