Thursday, September 24, 2009

Short Intervals

This morning I met up with the group at John's at 5:30am for the Thursday 6.3 mile course. Today, the order of the day was 6 x 2 minute intervals since one of the group was gearing up for a half-ironman(Triathlons are something I'll never be able to do because I can't swim very well.) this weekend. Pretty much the consensus with some of the more serious runners that I run is that doing some short race paced intervals a few days before the race is good for reminding one's body of what race pace is like. This also will not beatup someone to the point where it affect their race day performance. I ended up with an overall time of 41:40 for the 6.3 mile course. No cool down today with 31 miles already on my legs this week.

Leg day at the gym..... I just can't explain how much as a runner leg day challenges me.


Barbell squats - 6x12
Barbell lunges - 4x24
Goblet squats - 4x12
Hip Abductors - 4x15
Fire Hydrants for a 3 count - 4x24


Planks - 4x75secs

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