Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday tempo

Today, was a planned 8 miler with a 6 miles of tempo in the middle at around a 6:15 per mile pace. I ran by myself today so I have no idea of the splits, but it took me 53 mins to complete the 8 mile loop. I was moving at a decent clip since that averages out to be about a 635ish pace for the 8 with a warmup and cool down mile included.

Lots of stretching since this is a bump in mileage week. Need to get in a couple of 45-50 mile weeks before the Bourbon Chase Relay.

Hit the gym for back today to balance out from doing chest work yesterday


T-Grips - 3x20
Superset - Close grip pullups - 3x12, Wide grip pullups - 3x12
Superset - High rows - 4x15, Reverse fly extensions - 4x12
Superset - Close grip low rows - 4x12, Wide grip low rows - 4x12
Superset - Kettlebell - snatch & catch - 3x24, Hanging reverse pushup - 3x12


Crab crunches - 3x15
Lying toe touches - 3x24
Modified v-sit - 3x45 secs
Walkouts - 3x8

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