Saturday, September 26, 2009

Monsoon run....

Got up this morning to a pouring rain. Not a good start to my weekend or a long run for that matter. Met the group at Magee's Bakery. Surprisingly, 2 more people did show-up. Truly, I thought that no one would show.

I must say I showed how hardcore I was today running an average pace of 720 or so for the 12 miles in the rain. My feet remained mostly dry until mile 5 when I hit a very large puddle. Oh well, this is why they make these run dry socks right? This is one of those runs where you run with pride because you know everyone is looking at you like you're insane, and they might be correct to a degree.

It was a good run with some company which is always good. At about mile 3 my legs loosened up and I warmed up nicely so the rain wasn't an issue. During the last 2 miles I must say I did feel the extra weight the rain added to my body. It felt like I had some small weight in my shoes. All good training and no blisters to boot.

44 miles for the week. A little short of the 45-50 goal, but still dealing with a sore foot from an injury 4 weeks ago.

Gearing up for the UK vs FLA game. just hope we don't get killed.

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