Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9/11

I was getting ready to leave for class when I turned on the television in my bedroom to see smoke pouring out of the twin towers. I just stopped what I was doing and sat down on my bed in dis-belief. Then, I saw the first tower fall live in the background of the news coverage I was watching. I was literally frozen for days after this happened unable to snap out of this daze the event had induced.

No running today, just weight lifting.


Weighted Chin-ups - 4x15
Weighted Dips - 4x15
21s - 3x21
Overhead tricep press - 4x12
Decline Dumbbell tricep extensions - 4x12
Triangle pushups - 4x15
Wall curls - 4x12


Sitting barbell shoulder press - 4x12
Superset Side shoulder raises - 4x15, Front shoulder raises - 4x15
Plate rotations around the head - 4x24


Exercise ball side planks - 4x60secs

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