Wednesday, September 16, 2009


No weight lifting today as my back and chest are both fairly sore. The legs are a bit fried as well so this will be a lower mileage week of only around 37-38 miles after a Saturday long run.

So I hit the spinning room today for an hour spinning session. There were 4 hill climbs and 10 1-minute intervals/sprints during the spinning session.

My quads were burning 15 minutes into the workout which makes me realize just how week my quads are in comparison to my hamstrings due to all of the running.

I'm trying at least once a week to cross-train to help balance, but it seems I cut the cross-training sessions before cutting a recovery run out which in fact I should be doing the opposite.

Group run in the morning with some 3 minutes intervals and 90 second recoveries. Fun stuff......

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