Monday, September 21, 2009

Chest day is the best day

No running today. Although I did some research on what type of running shoes I truly should be running in. Turns out I'm a supinator or under-pronator. This is primarily due to having high arches in my feet as well as being a forefoot runner. This makes shoe selection very difficult since I have a more rare foot type and a "jacked-up" running style to boot. Anyway, it turns out that I need a neutral cushioned shoe, but I still need arch support since my feet tend to get tired during longer runs. More to come as I'm in a cushioned shoe already, but I'm currently in a stability shoe.


Barbell incline bench press - 4x12
Barbell decline bench press - 4x12
Superset - Dumbbell pullovers - 4x12, High cable flys - 4x15
Dumbbell flat bench press - 4x12
Superset - Medicine ball one handed pushups - 4x15, Medicine ball tricep pushups - 4x12
Dumbbell Flys - 4x12


Knees on the half-ball wheel extensions - 4x15
Exercise ball side planks - 4x60secs

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