Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fast tempo run....

On Tuesdays & Thursdays, I run with a group. I find, like many others do, that running with a group keeps me more accountable. Plus, I tend to get better target training in when I know someone else is going through the same "pain" that I am.

This morning was to be a tempo run which normally is in the 630ish pace since I'm not super fast like some of the people in the group (530ish for some). The Tuesday route is a very hilly 7 miles through a few neighborhoods near downtown Lexington, KY(yeah, my hometown). Even though I'm running with a group we're all spread out with our paces differing up to 2 mins or more per mile depending upon who shows up on that given day. Normally, there are a few very fast people, then myself and a few others, and then the remainder of the group which contains the majority of the group. I run in what I like to call "no man's land" which is slower than the fast people, but faster than the main group. I find this to hold true during group runs and races as well. Its kind of a frustrating place to be knowing you can't stay with the lead pack, but you can outrun the pack easily.

Anyway, one of the faster group was off his game a bit so I decided to try and hangon during the tempo portion of the run. Here are the mile splits according to his Garmin(I've refused so far to buy one). 7:15(gotta warm up), 6:20, 5:45, 5:50, 6:20, 7:30(legs fried), 6:45 This was followed up with a quick stretching and a 2 mile cooldown at a comfortable 745ish pace.

Actually, felt good despite running way fast for me anyway. Sub-6min miles are pretty difficult for me.

Hit the gym for back day this evening.

Superset - One armed hammer strength low rows underhanded & overhaneded grip - 3x24
Wide grip pullups - 4x12
Barbell Shoulder shrugs - holding for a 3 count - 4x15 - yes, its shoulders I know
Bent over rows - 4x12
Superset - Close grip & wide grip pulldowns - 4x12
T Grips - 4x12

Passing an exercise ball from feet to hands - 4x12
Medicine ball v-sit - 4x45secs

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