Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday.... oh I hate these type of days

Now, I must say most of the time my job isn't so bad. I get to work from home, have a somewhat flexible schedule, and find my work interesting most of the time. However, spending time on endless conference calls does bother me. Some weeks I get lucky. However, this week is not one of those. I'm stuck reviewing statements of work with customers for about 17 hours this week via conference calls. This means pretty much I'm tied to my office phone all day everyday for the week because the 17 hours will turn into 25+ hours after prep meetings, followup calls, etc.

Today, I made it the group run for a 7 miler. I felt a bit off today. Luckily, the faster group was either tapering or recovering from a race. We put in about a 650ish pace for the 7 mile. My legs were stiff the entire run. The 7 mile route is very hilly so it wasn't that bad.

Hit the gym for back day....


Superset - Hammer strength low isolated rows - overhand grip & underhand grip - 4x12 each
Superset - High rows - 4x15, Reverse flys - 4x12
Wide grip pullups - 4x12
Side to sidebar pivots - 4x15
Barbell bent over rows - 4x12
Close Grip pullups - 4x12


Pass an exercise ball from feet to hands - 4x12
Leg raises - 4x12

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