Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Killer Back

No running today as the recovery continues. I'm still battling a lower leg injury(inflamed anterior tendon on the outside of my calf which runs down into the foot and makes pushing off with one's toes very painful) which I ran CDR with, but it was 90% healed in my mind before the race. The race didn't make the injury any worse. It just made the surrounding muscles and tissue tired as a result of compensating for the weakness in the tendon.

Back day today at the gym.

T Grips - 4x12
Inverted hanging rows - 4x15 - Looks like a reverse pushup
Wide Grip Pullups - 4x12
Superset - Low wide grip row - 4x12 - Low close grip row - 4x12
Close Grip Pullups - 4x12 - Close grip attachment over wide grip bar
One armed dumbbell rows - run of the rack 4 different weights 10 reps each weight going up in weight then back down in weight

Crab crunches - 4x15
Leg raised toe touches - 4x15

My lats were very very sore from the various pullups as a result.

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