Thursday, September 17, 2009

Intervals love & hate

Today, was the usual group run at 5:30am. Nothing like driving to a group run while still half-asleep. So for the record to make it to the group runs at 5:30am I wakeup at 4:50! Just writing that hurt a little.

Anyway, today only 5 of us showed up. The workout was 6x3 minutes intervals with a 90 second rest period between each. We spent the first mile warming up then headed right into the first interval. Nothing to speak of really except my legs felt tired from the insanity on Tuesday with a few sub-6 min miles and the 1 hour spinning sessions the night before. Simply, I knew I wasn't as fast as the other guy running the intervals so I concentrated on being consistent in my pacing aiming for a 5:30-5:45min per mile pace during the intervals. Pretty much they went like clock work with me having to catch up during the rest periods. The only notable one was interval 3 starting going up a hill which is always fun.

It took right at 42 mins to complete the course with the intervals mixed in. Needless the say the recovery portions are way slow by comparison. After the group gathered backup at the start point a few of us ran a 2 mile cool down after stretching for a few mins. 8 miles or so today.

Hit the gym in the evening for leg day...... yay.....

Barbell squats - 1x100 - yeah, I said 100 reps for 1 set
Front barbell squats with overhead press combo - 4x15
Superset - Medicine ball lunges - 4x30, Knee extensions while in a bridge position - 4x24
Leg extensions/raises while standing over a barbell on a squat rack - 4x24
Dumbbell stepups - 4x24
Firehydrants with a 3 count - 4x24

Lots of stretching

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