Saturday, November 7, 2009

Absolutely perfect 13

This morning I ventured out to the Todd's Road Stumblers meeting place to tackle the 13 mile hilly course. The weather was perfect being in the low 50s and clear. Nothing like watching the sunrise while in the middle of a run. I ended up running the 13 miles in around 1:30 for an average pace just under 7 mins per mile. My right leg really tightened up during the second-half of the run. I was also really fatigued, but still able to finish strong despite the hills and almost tempo pace for the 13 mile. The first 3-4 miles were really fast in the 6:40 min per mile range as I wanted to catch some people and make sure that I beat almost everyone back to the meeting place. It felt good to have a change scenery and to tackle the hills while getting tons of fresh air from horse country.

Its going to be an active day with distillery & winery tours in the afternoon.

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