Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Evening 2 mile repeats...?

Ok, so I think I do my best running in the morning by far, but when a friend asked me to go for an evening run and to attend a nutrition lecture, afterwards, I said sure cautiously. We parked where the lecture was to be and took off into the twilight. The initial pace wasn't too bad we put in about 1 mile around UK's campus before heading to the UK arboretum. The loop around the arboretum is right at 2 miles so my friend wanted to do a couple of loops which we proceeded to do. There are usually alot of people running, walking, etc. around the loop because it is a nice place to get out. The pace definitely got faster and faster. We were clipping along at around a 6:40ish pace which isn't the most fun considering the insanity from yesterday (6:20 min paced for 6 miles). Plus, the loop has rolling hills throughout. Anyway, at the end of the second loop I was dead. Pretty much the 2 mile repeats were done in an average of about 13:20 so I was hurting at the end of these. We then made our way back to the parking spot for a quick change before heading to the nurtition lecture.

The lecture was ok. It was very informal being pretty much a question and answer session. I did learn about "recovery carbs" and how they are critical to replinish glycogen stores after hard workouts. Good to know this stuff.

No lifting today, but I did bump myself back up to 5 days of running this week.

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