Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tired, tired legs......

Met the group for a 5:30am run this morning. I was feeling good out of the gate pushing it into the 630s for the first 4 miles then my legs started to give up. I slowed to somewhere in the low 7s for the remaining 3 miles. Pretty discouraging since I ran the same run last week nearly 3 minutes faster than this morning. I guess the hard 13 on Saturday is still hanging over me.

Something seems off lately, just not sure what it is. I feel like I'm struggling to not fall off in my fitness for some reason. Its almost like I'st lost some drive or something.

Hit the gym for some back today.


T-Grips - 4x12
Superset - Low rows close grip - 4x12, Low rows close grip - 4x12
Weighted Wide Grip pullups - 4x12
High Cable Rows - 4x15
Reverse Flys - 4x12
Superset Dumbbell rows - 7x8 - Ladder set


Superset - Hanging Leg raises Kneeups - 4x15, Hanging Kneeups - 4x15
Side Plank on a medicine ball - 4x75 secs

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