Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hilly 15.5...

This morning I headed out to meet the Todd's Stumblers for a Saturday morning run. I love running out in this area due to the amazing scenery. This morning had beautiful weather with a clear sky, no wind, and cool temperatures of around 40 degree F. A little chilly, but after a few miles everyone was warmed up. This morning I was running with a few friends one of which is training for a marathon, one coming off of a marathon, and one who is training with me for the Hangover Classic. We had no real pace goal for this run except to enjoy the run. We started off with a very leisurely pace of around 7:40ish, which was perfect with sores legs from squats & lunges a few days earlier. At the 9 mile point we stopped for a quick drink of water and some GU. Then, the pace quickened to around 7:30min per mile for the rest of the run. During the last 3 miles I ran near a 7 min per mile pace because I felt really good. All in all it was a perfect long run for endurance building. The hills on this course are always murder with the "pitbull" hill being the main attraction. Its a hill that rises from a creek for nearly a 1.2 mile climb. I always try and run this hil consistently as I can. I figure if I can run this hill, then almost every other hill will be easier. Everyone in the group has ran Boston and claims "pitbull" is much worse than Heart Break hill in the Boston marathon. It gives me hope.

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