Sunday, November 1, 2009

NYC Marathon

So for the record, I really needed the extra hour of sleep from the DST change last night. I went to bed at 10pmand awoke at around 7am this morning. I guess my body is really in healing mode trying to fix all the damage I have done. Of course, training all along is probably prolonging the healing process more than anything. Some people take a whole week off after a big race, but I have too much OCD to allow myself more than a few days off in a row.

This morning I got in a recovery 8 mile run with the usual stretching at the 4 mile & 6 mile points. I ended up running a bit too fast due to being inspired by the NYC Marathon(more on this in a minute). I averaged a 720 pace or so during this run.

After coming back, from the run I watched the online race coverage throughout the morning. It was great that someone from the USA won, but he was still a African born runner. Its always inspiring to see a big race like this. Makes me want to signup for a marathon, but I have to keep telling myself all in due time. I also tracked a friend of mine who ran the race. His time was amazing(from a normal runner's standpoint), but he still hit the wall badly after mile 18. I think he'll be disappointed with his results (a 2:49 marathon), but I still think he did very well.

Lots of football and resting. Let's hope this week brings fresher legs.

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