Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Very nice 5:30am run?

Met the group for a 5:30am run this morning. The weather was amazing only needing a light long sleeve shirt this morning. I was feeling good initially running hard through the initial 4 miles of hills. I put in around a 6:45 min pace for this period backing off to pickup 3 other runners for the rest of the run. We finished running around a 7:05 min per mile pace for the remainder. When I'm leading the group I've noticed I have a hard time pushing myself as fast as I should be running. I do much better in chase mode.

Hit the gym for some back today. The gymnasium floors were being redone today so we couldn't use our normal pullup bar that we normally use. As a result, we did pulldowns instead.


Barbell bent over rows - 4x12
Wide Grip pulldowns - 4x12
Low rows close grip - 4x12
Inverted Rows - 4x15
Close Grip Pulldowns - 4x12
Reverse Flys - 4x12
High Cable Rows - 4x15


Passing a stability ball from hands to feet - 4x12

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