Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mid-day run.... how I have missed you....

Today, I got out for a mid-day run which I used to do quite a bit, but with work being crazy and trying to run with the group in the mornings, mid-day runs have gone by the way side. This was a 730 paced slow run as I just want to start next week at this point feeling rested and ready to make some training gains. I went out for 7 miles today.

I hit the gym for some legs this evening.
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Barbell Squats - 7x12
Superset - Barbell Lunges - 4x24, Planks - 4x75secs
Superset - Medicine Ball Squats - 4x15, Hamstring curls - 4x15
Fire Hydrants - 4x24 - 3 seconds count
Hip Adductors - 4x15

Lots of stretching as my hamstrings were really tight after the weight session.

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