Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy birthday to me...

Today, I'm a year older. Truly, I feel younger each year as I get in better shape. I feel better than when I graduated high school. I'm stronger & faster than ever before.

No running in the spirit of resting up.

Hit the gym for some early legs so I could go out to dinner for the evening.


Barbell Squats - 7x12
Superset - Medicine Ball Lunges - 4x30, Hamstring pushoffs - 4x24
Goblet Squats - 4x15
Fire Hydrants - 4x24 - 3 second count
Hip Adductors - 4x15
Seated hamstring curls - 4x15

Lots of stretching with a big night out, sort of. Also, meeting the group for a turkey day run in the morning.

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