Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blisters.... how I hate them...

This morning I joined the group for the 7 mile 5:30am run. I ran the first 4 miles at around a 6:35 pace, but had to back off due to pain my foot due to the golfball sized blood blister. I ended up averaging around a 650 per minute pace for the run, but I wasn't very pleased with the end pace versus the initial pace. I keep trying to tell myself anything under a 7min pace is good, but I know I have more in me. I need to learn some patience to say the least.

I hit the gym for back today.

T Grips - 4x20
Weighed Wide Grip pullups - 4x12
Superset - Close Grip Low Rows - 3x12, Wide Grip Low Rows - 3x12
Reverse Flys - 4x12
High Cable Rows - 4x15
Hammer Strength Low Rows 4x24


Passing a stability ball from feet to hands - 4x15

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