Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Flying away...

This morning I joined the group for a 5:30am run for the hilly 7 mile course. My legs felt very very tired still from the relay and the beating I gave them. Pretty much this morning I attempted a 7 mile tempo run, but due to being tired I was only able to hold a 6:50 tempo pace. My legs felt like lead at the end of this run. Also, the legs in the gym Monday night didn't help any as well.

Later this morning I flew to NYC for some much needed fun & relaxation. Lots of walking today around mid-town Manhattan for several additional miles.

I hit the hotel gym for some chest work. Not too bad of a gym with everything you need for a good workout.


Dumbbell flat bench press - 4x12
Dumbbell one armed incline bench press - 4x12
Dumbbelll decline bench press - 4x12
Superset - Dumbbell flys - 4x12, High cable flys - 4x15
- 4x12
Superset - Medicine ball one handed pushups - 4x15, Medicine ball tricep pushups - 4x12


Passing an stability ball - 4x12
Side plank on a stability ball - 3x75secs

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