Monday, October 5, 2009

Taper week....

No running today as I'm still recovering from the scorcher of a 12 miler on Saturday. Also, I'm tapering this week, but now, I'm wondering how much damage I did with a 12 mile tempo paced long run on Saturday. Only time will tell.

I also have a bit of a head-cold so that's a downer as well.


Barbell decline bench press - 6x12
Barbell incline bench press - 4x12
Superset - Dumbbell pullovers - 4x12, Medicine ball one handed pushups - 4x15, Medicine ball tricep pushups - 4x12
Dumbbell flat bench press - 5x12
Superset - Flat bench fly cables - 4x12, Inclined bench fly cables - 4x12


Scissors - 4x24
Side plank on a medicine ball - 4x75secs

Group run tomorrow. No idea what type of workout I'm running.

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