Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sore, stiff, blistered long run.....

So this morning it was a bit chilly at around 38 degrees. I broke out the gloves & hat which ended up being overkill, but made starting the run easier. As expected, almost no one came out this morning due to the cooler than normal temps. We decided to run our normal 12 miler loop backwards today for a change as your body gets used to courses over time. Pretty much I was aiming at running this slower than normal due to be sore from all of the walking and relay as well as the nasty blister on my foot. Surprisingly, the course may be harder in reverse due to more hills although the largest hill is omitted this way as we had to run down it. However, there seemed to be much more long slow climbs overall. I was struggling at the end feeling very very tired. We completed the 12 mile loop in 1:23:30 which is just under a 7 min pace which was a little faster than I had hoped to run this given my condition this morning.

Lots of college football today and catching up on chores.

Back to normal starting tomorrow with a recovery run.

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